Apple Released Its Most Redesigned iPhone X with So Advanced Technologies
Published On: September 2017 | Category: Technology

Apple finally has released its next generation smartphone, the iPhone X built with the 3D sensors and infrared, which made it the first most redesigned phone in the iPhone series. The OLED Super Retina HD Display has been conspicuously integrated into the sensor array and True Depth Camera system. The face scanning and the unlocking the phone is said to be almost instantaneous that doesn’t require any buttons and will be always ON to recognize the face. 

By the way, the brand new iPhone X is pronounced as ‘iPhone ten’ not ‘iPhone ex’. The iPhone x is highly redesigned and technologically advanced which boasts the True Depth camera system, A11 Bionic Chip, 5.8 inch OLED Super Retina Display screen, onboard neural engine, Face ID and many more. 

Another biggest change in the apple’s history is implemented in the new iPhone X, that the phone is having an iconic virtual home button instead of the previous, iPhone users’ most familiar home button. Also it the first phone that is offering the Face ID recognition system to unlock the phone securely and making payments in the check-out lines. 

The phone also offers to capture the selfies in Portrait mode with the help of True Depth Technology. However the Face Recognition Technology has already been used in the all over the world to investigate, monitor and examine. While, in the United States, the half of Americans are working on the face recognition database for the purpose of criminal investigations as they have driver’s license.

Since the highly advanced iPhone is not cheaper one, as the staring range of the phone is $999, where in the Australia it goes for AU$1,579 and in the UK it costs £999.