Amazon Reportedly Working on Wearable Device – “Alexa Enabled Smart Glasses”
Published On: September 2017 | Category: Technology

Amazon is working on its first wearable device which will be a pair of smart glasses with the Alexa voice assistant and you can put it on your face and take it anytime, anywhere. It’s looking like Amazon is competing with Google Assistant and Siri by making Alexa more powerful.

The company is said to be developing a device that will reportedly look like a normal pair of eyeglasses. The device will use bone-conduction system which will allow you hear, and speak to Alexa without the need of the earphones.  

However, the founder of Google Glass Babak Parviz stated that there won’t be a screen or camera on the device and it would improve its battery life. But he is working on the project.

Amazon is not only launching its upcoming Alexa product but along with that it is expanding its “smart home” hardware lineup with a home security camera system.  The security camera would bind with its Echo products and it will allow users to watch the video feed on Echo Show’s screen. 

According to sources the eyeglasses and security products could be released before the end of the year and the company will also update existing Echo devices. But Amazon declined to comment on it.

This new smart glasses will provide a great platform to Amazon for progressing towards success in the Market of “augmented reality” goggles. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Magic Leap are working on various headphones that will display digital images in front of the viewer’s eyes.