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Increasing Dollar Biggest Threat to Global Economy
Increasing dollar biggest threat to global economy according to strategist. Trade confrontation is largely anticipated to be damaging to global economic growth.

Amazon Reportedly Working on Wearable Device – “Alexa Enabled Smart Glasses”
Amazon is working on its first wearable device which will be a pair of smart glasses with the Alexa voice assistant and you can put it on your face and take it anytime, anywhere. It’s looking like Amazon is competing with Google Assistant and Siri by making Alexa more powerful.

The iOS 11 control center deludes users on if their Bluetooth and Wi Fi or on
iOS 11 advances with a wholesome arrangement of extended fidelity tricks. Regrettably one thing that is less factual than before in the new operating system is user controls for wireless connectivity. iOS 11's control center app which swipes up from the base of the screen gives the impression of permitting users to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on their phone, but actually it only disengages from wireless networks and accessories. The genuine Wi Fi and Bluetooth chips in the phone are on. The solution comprises of going to the settings app in iOS 11 provides the accurate options for users to turn those two parts of their phone off.

Apple Released Its Most Redesigned iPhone X with So Advanced Technologies
Apple finally has released its next generation smartphone, the iPhone X built with the 3D sensors and infrared, which made it the first most redesigned phone in the iPhone series. The OLED Super Retina HD Display has been conspicuously integrated into the sensor array and True Depth Camera system. The face scanning and the unlocking the phone is said to be almost instantaneous that doesn’t require any buttons and will be always ON to recognize the face.

Contemporary Bluetooth fragility can hack a phone in 10 seconds
Security Company Armis has obtained a compendium of eight exploits collectively called BlueBorne, which can permit an attacker to encroach into your phone without touching it. The attack can permit access to computers and phones as well as IoT devices.